YOUIFILMS has a policy that it does not accept or consider any unsolicited materials, ideas or suggestions of any nature, including, but not only, scripts, script ideas, original artworks etc (Unsolicited Materials). This is to avoid any misunderstandings if your ideas are similar to those that YOUIFILMS independently develops. Accordingly, you may not use this website, or information obtained from this website, to submit Unsolicited Materials to YOUIFILMS by any means (including, but not only, by post, fax or email).

If you do, regardless of this prohibition, send Unsolicited Materials to YOUIFILMS, you do so upon the understanding, and you will be deemed to agree, that: (a) there is no obligation on YOUIFILMS to treat the Unsolicited Materials as confidential; (b) there is no agreement at all between you and YOUIFILMS (whether in relation to any consideration of the Unsolicited Materials, credit, compensation or otherwise); and (c) YOUIFILMS and its associated entities, and their successors and assigns, are entitled to use and disclose the Unsolicited Materials without any liability (including, but not only, for credit or compensation) to you or any other person.